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Solo and Chamber Works

Sarah Weaver composes solo and chamber works for musicians in the Sarah Weaver Ensemble, NowNet Arts Ensemble, collaborators in the contemporary arts field, and herself as performer. The works synthesize influences of contemporary classical, jazz, world, and electronic music, multimedia arts, and instrument languages of innovative performers. 


December 15, 2018 Concert of solo, chamber, large ensemble works
December 21, 2018 Recording release and concert of solo drumset works
Spring and Summer 2019 Recording release and concerts of recent works:
Polydimensional Transformation for Mark Dresser, bass
Node 111, Reality Axis, Nexus Expanse for Gerry Hemingway, percussion, with Sarah Weaver, electronics
Guidance for Dave Taylor, bass trombone, with Sarah Weaver, electronics
Remembered Future for Yoon Sun Choi, voice, Julie Ferrara, oboe, and multiple instruments
Sound in Peace for Joe McPhee, multiple instruments, Sarah Weaver, spoken voice and electronics, in memory of Pauline Oliveros


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