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Sarah Weaver is founder and director of NowNet Arts Inc., a not-for-profit organization to produce and present contemporary network arts works, technologies, education programs, and publications. Network arts utilizes the Internet and related technologies as an artistic medium for works created for this platform. In addition to composing and conducting for the medium, Weaver has been involved in its technology development and artistic strategies for utilizing the technology together with close collaborators including Chris Chafe (author of JackTrip network audio software), Mark Dresser, Michael Dessen, Matthias Ziegler, and early work with Pauline Oliveros. The technology includes performance-quality multichannel audio conferencing, video conferencing, and live streaming via high bandwidth internet such as Internet2 and emerging public networks; spatialized use of audio and video hardware; and audiovisual recording techniques.  

Weaver directs the annual NowNet Arts Conference that includes technology sessions such as the panel pictured above (Chris Chafe, Trevor Henthorn, Sarah Weaver, partial view of attendees). She also makes technology presentations including "Survey of Network Arts Technologies" at the NYSERNet 2018 Conference. NowNet Arts plans to establish ongoing labs for technologists for continued development of the medium. NowNet Arts is a member of Civic Hall in New York, a technology organization for social purpose.


Weaver integrates arts technology into her work and participates in research projects in areas such as technology-mediated conducting, computer music, sonification, video art, and electroacoustic composition. Her recent composition "Universal Synchrony Music (2013-2018)" is an electroacoustic telematic music project in collaboration with the NASA Kepler/K2 Mission exploring musical, technological, and metaphorical realizations of synchrony. Sonification of data from the Kepler/K2 Mission on stars and planets 1000-3000 light years away is utilized for presence and interaction for synchrony. Weaver has worked with computer music artist Doug Van Nort in this project and ongoing in the Sarah Weaver Ensemble. In conducting Weaver has developed approaches for network arts settings and has been involved in research utilizing computer vision, data gloves, haptics, and avatars. Weaver collaborates with video artists, including the project "Sustainable Balance (2016)" where she traveled to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to work on video art related to the palm oil industry with Siew-wai Kok. Future technology projects include contemporary notation software/apps, networked scores, networked concert program software/apps, and network arts spaces.