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Sarah Weaver, Ph.D. has worked in research on contemporary subjects such as Network Music, Network Arts, Composition, Conducting, Improvisation, and Technology. Currently her primary research activity is in artistic and technological strategies for telematic music and arts - live performance via the internet by artists in different geographic locations. The research takes place together with close collaborators in the field including Chris Chafe, Michael Dessen, Mark Dresser, Matthias Ziegler, and others.

Pictured above is an early Telematic Music Panel (2007) (left to right: Mark Dresser, Sarah Weaver, Pauline Oliveros, Jefferson Pitcher, Jonas Braasch, Chris Chafe projected on screen) at the International Society for Improvised Music Conference directed by Weaver at Northwestern University. The panel was later published in the Leonardo Journal of the International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology. Citation: Oliveros P, Weaver S, Dresser M, Pitcher J, Braasch J, Chafe C, 2009 “Telematic Music: Six Perspectives” Leonardo Music Journal, Vol. 19

Weaver is the founder and director of NowNet Arts Inc. (2017-present), a not-for-profit organization to produce and present contemporary network arts works, technologies, education programs, and publications. The annual NowNet Arts Conference is one of the research vehicles of the organization facilitating work in the field internationally. The April 19-22, 2018 Conference "Network Music: Artistic and Technological Strategies for Public and Private Networks" was based at the Institute for Advanced Computational Science (IACS) at Stony Brook University and featured work from thirty locations connected via the internet. The next conference is in planning for November 7-10, 2019 at IACS and remote locations. 

Weaver has made presentations (2006-present) at many universities and institutes in-person and online including Brooklyn College, Dongguk University Seoul, Harvard University, Humber College Toronto, Kuala Lumpur Experimental Film Video and Music Festival, McGill University, National University of Singapore, The New School, New York University in New York and Abu Dhabi, New Zealand School of Music, Northwestern University, Peabody Institute, Silpakorn University Bangkok, Queen's University Belfast, Stony Brook University, Stanford University, University of California San Diego, University of California Santa Cruz, University of Denver, University of Michigan, University of Virginia, Zurich University of the Arts, and United Nations Headquarters. "ResoNations: International Telematic Concerts for Peace", a project Weaver directed in collaboration with international sites, is published in the (2011) and (2015) compendiums of Music as a Global Resource: Solutions for Social, Economic, and Health Issues initiatives of United Nations partner organization ICCC in cooperation with UN-HABITAT in support of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. Upcoming publications include "Roots for Deep Listening in Bye Bye Butterfly - An Early Composition of Pauline Oliveros" in American Music Review (2018). Early research events directed by Weaver include the International Society for Improvised Music Conference (2006-2009), Multiple Systems of Conducting Symposium (2000), and a regional conference on diversity topics for college chapters of the Music Educators National Conference at the University of Michigan (1999). Ongoing research publications are planned forward through NowNet Arts Inc. and related publishers.